I am working in Sausalito. I get to commute by ferry. It takes a little longer to get to work than when I worked in Unpleasanton… Maybe ten minutes longer. The commute is so much nicer, though; instead of a light rail train, I go by boat. It’s cheaper, too; only four dollars each way which includes the bus both ways from my place to and from the ferry. Then when I get to my transit terminus, instead of a mile walk through suburbia and across numerous pedestrian-unfriendly intersections, I walk along the docks to work. No roads; no intersections. It’s a really nice commute.

The ferry is really civilized. I can bring my breakfast onboard and eat while watching the world go by. I can plug my laptop in, as well.  My commute runs counter to the major flow, as well; I tend to have the boat almost to myself. 

The place I am working is the throw of a stone from the bay model. I discovered the bay model quite by accident in 1987 while I was stationed in Vallejo. It’s funny how coincidental life is.

The job seems to be going well. I am reviewing the text messaging work an employee of the company is doing. I was hired specifically for my messaging background but that is a sideline for now. I am primarily doing database work; going over the schema, making minor changes as I see fit and making suggestions for larger improvements. I am learning Hibernate, a technology that is in wide usage. I am being exposed to lots of other useful technologies.

The company seems very interesting.

Tonight I am going to see the Extra Action Marching Band. It will be my third time seeing them; I am excited. I am typing this on the ferry on my way home.

Angel Island is passing on my left; the Golden Gate stands out before the sunset to my right.

This will be posted in the morning; I do not have net access at home for the moment… Should be turned back on Thursday.