I have this spiffy new laptop… Actually, it is not a laptop at all; it is a ‘desktop replacement’. It is the most powerful computing device I have yet owned. It is also the most unstable.

It takes minutes to go to sleep or wake up from sleep. About 50% of the time, it blue-screens on awakening, necessitating a reboot. About 2% of the time, it crashes so hard that I have to repair the O/S; this takes about 30 minutes.

I have had the machine for about two weeks. SuperTech and I agree that the issue is not the machine but the combination of Vista Ultimate 64 and the way I use the machine. I have three different database systems (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL) on the machine, three different IDEs (Eclipse, Visual Studio, JDeveloper). I have a bunch of Adobe products, a bunch of Mozilla stuff. I run Linux in a virtual machine.

I refuse to accept that in this day and age I can not have all of the tools that I need running on a single machine. In a nod to complexity, I do shut off the database services that I am not using.

I am not sure what I am going to do. Right now, I am planning to sell my new machine and replace it with a MacBook Pro. The several months that I used the Mac belonging to my former employer were very nice; nice to the point that I had totally forgotten what a hassle Microsoft operating systems are.

I will run Oracle and MySQL on Linux on a virtual machine, SQL Server and Visual Studio on Windows XP on a virtual machine, and run Eclipse natively on the Mac, connecting to the database I want to use running on the virtual machine via the virtual network. Should be sweet.

Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking right now. We’ll see what really happens. One thing’s for sure; I can’t rely on a machine that crashes as often as this one.