Extra Action Marching Band was excellent as usual.  To my count, they had five drummers, ten brass players (two trombone, two tuba, six trumpet), and six ‘extra action’ members (four female, two male, or put differently, two majorettes, two showgirls, and two strippers).  The only possible drawback is that the person who plays bells (glockenspiel?) wasn’t there last night; the bells add something to the percussion IMHO.  But no matter, really; they were still awesome.

Whoever came up with the idea of marching a brass band through a pit deserves a lot of credit; it’s brilliant, really.  Every time I have seen them play they have spent the majority of the time on the floor, in the pit, intermixed with the audience.

Each time I have seen them, they have done something different to start.  Last night, the drums started playing off-stage, or rather, behind the door to the dressing room area.  As they came out, each player turned and marched into the crowd backwards, pushing their way into the mass.  From that point on, it was a free-for-all.  I barely managed to avoid getting a faceful of trombone slide at one point and did get hit with a drumstick once or twice but the rules seem clear; the pit denizens avoid the artists, not the other way around.  Last time I saw them play, of course, I did get clanged in the head with the bell of a sousaphone.

My kind of act.

I will see them again on March 17th.  I’m already excited.

I’m writing this on the ferry on my way home.  My Internet access should be hooked up tomorrow (Thursday) so I should be able to post pictures and whatnot.