So, I had planned to write a post this morning on the ferry about my new TransLink cards and how to work the MUNI system with a discussion on social contracts and the breakdown of society thrown in for good measure.

Unfortunately, my new stylin’ laptop chose to not wake from its sleep state requiring me to pull the battery.  Fifteen minutes later, the machine is just now stable enough to get Windows Live Writer to start up and here we are; slowing for the Sausalito terminal.

I spent the weekend busy; I did laundry, cleaned my room, went grocery shopping, studied Hibernate, created a Wiki page with an alternate (and better) SMS architecture.  I also created a number of virtual machines running Linux and populated them with software; one runs Oracle, the other memcached and will run Hadoop, and will eventually be cloned into a farm.

The machine handled these tasks fine, but every time I think I can make do with it the machine falls over.  Like this morning.

UPDATE: Live Writer refused to close though the machine did sleep when we arrived at the ferry terminal.  As a result, when I got to work, the machine blue-screened.  fun times.