Filthy Hippie visited over the weekend. Our arrivals at Zeitgeist were so well timed that we met on the corner outside of my place as we each arrived from our separate directions.

John Zorn (a jazz musician and one of Filth’s very favorite artists) was playing in town with several of his bands. Filth called and made reservations for the ten o’clock show. We walked over to the ritzy jazz club and had an excellent meal before the show, including sushi with fish that had been swimming off Japan twelve to fourteen hours earlier. It was delicious.

The show itself was outstanding. We saw a band called Bar Kopa. In addition to composing all of the music, John Zorn conducted the sextet.

After the show we walked home. Filth went to bed while I did some work things.

We got up early on Saturday and took public transportation to Fisherman’s Wharf, a touristy area, to pick up the ferry to Angel Island. Once on the island, we stomped to the top of Mt. Livermore, the 788-foot hill that comprises the island. We off-trailed for a short while on the we down but generally took a direct route up and down. I figure we walked about two miles on the island.

We had lunch at a cafe in the cove by the dock. Around two, Ken (one of my work colleagues) arrived at the dock with his teenaged son in their 28-foot sailboat. We hopped on and went for an outstanding ride around the bay between Sausalito, Angel Island, Alcatraz, San Francisco, and the Golden Gate bridge.

About 5:15 we arrived in Sausalito. Filth and I hiked south through the town to Fort Baker, then under the bridge and up and around onto the bridge itself. We crossed the bridge just as sunset occurred; it was stunningly beautiful with blues, violets, and yellows as the sun set through the gate.

We found our way to the tourist parking area at the city side of the bridge and hopped on a bus back into town. We stopped for a beer at a bar with a lot of drama going on, then continued on foot down into Chinatown. We again had sushi, this time at ‘the sushi boat place’. It was certainly not as good as the sushi on Friday but still very tasty.

After dinner we walked back up to Nob Hill and went and had a drink at the Tonga Room in the Fairmount. The Tonga Room is a tiki bar from the 40’s and is slated to be closed; w agreed it was important to try to experience this bit of history before it ended.

The Tonga Room was quite nice although we were a bit underdressed. We probably wouldn’t have gotten in except that we conveniently didn’t notice the ‘wait to be seated’ sign at the door. The doorman gave us an odd look but didn’t stop us.

We had an overpriced drink standing at the bar while absorbing the ambiance.

After the Tonga Room, we walked down the hill and picked up the cable car running down Powell. We were chastised by the gripman for waiting for the car in the wrong. We apologized for our mistake and started to walk off; the gripman told us to get on anyway, telling us this was our first and only warning. For some reason, he elected not to charge us for our trip.

Arriving on Market Street, we took a bus the rest of the way home, had a beer, and went to bed.

For the day, we had travelled on six forms of transportation… Foot (eight miles total), street car, ferry, sailboat, bus, cable car.

On Sunday, we got up, had a lovely brunch up the street, and the Filth left to return home.