I just sent a copy of my new National Registry card to the New Hampshire EMS office.  This concludes the last active task that I must perform in order to recertify my EMS certs until I start to prepare for the March 2011 recert cycle, say, December 2010. I have my Vermont card and National Registry in hand; the New Hampshire office will verify my NREMT card and send me an updated New Hampster one in the next week or so.


I received notification from New Hampshire ysterday (though dated the sixth) that my provider’s license had been ‘deactivated’ since I had let my CPR certification lapse.  Actually, I had faxed them a copy of my new CPR card in mid-February and they somehow lost the fax. I faxed them a new copy today and followed up by email to get verification that the card had been received; I have been ‘activated’ again.

Hopefully the state office will not lose my provider license application.  I’m only good in New Hampshire until the 31st otherwise.