The local chapter of Students Against Drunk Driving arranged the mock car accident. They were a little over the top; when we arrived on scene, there were twelve people involved in the accident; five in one car, four in the other, and three on the ground. Although we were only expecting four patients, it was excellent practice for a mass casualty incident.

My ambulance was the last on scene by about a minute. I went around and counted patients; the incident commander then asked me to concentrate on the victims outside of the cars.

Two of the three were deceased and the other had a significant head injury. I performed a rapid trauma assessment and got that patient collared and on mock oxygen. I grabbed a passing firefighter who helped me roll the patient onto a backboard. I attached the patient to the board and grabbed the next passing firefighter to help me get the patient and board onto the cot. My patient was the most critically injured living patient so she was selected to go by air.

The helicopter arrived as I was setting up mock IV access; with the help of another firefighter, I wheeled the patient down to the field where the helicopter was. I gave a report to the helicopter crew while we were transferring the patient to the air crew’s cot.

Once I had turned over the patient, I took some pictures as I was momentarily at loose ends.



I returned to the scene as the last patient was being extricated from one of the cars. While he was being packaged, the hearse arrived to remove the fatalities. In actuality, this would not happen until all of the living had been transported but it did add to the drama of the scene.

This patient had glass embedded in his face and cheek but was conscious. We got him into my ambulance, loaded up with three other ‘walking wounded’ patients, and got underway to the hospital.


It was interesting and a lot of fun. Although I was too busy to really pay attention to the audience, the students seemed fascinated and I never heard a peep out of the crowd of several hundred.


The complete set of pictures is here.