I was camping in Pennsylvania over the weekend. The campground where I was staying has this crazy glacial talus field that runs through the middle of the campground. This field of rocks is about a half mile long and several hundred feet wide, stretching up the side of a mountain.


I decided to hike up the rocks. On the way to the rocks, I passed a sign.


I got on the rocks and started climbing. It took some care to stay on top of the rocks.

At some point as I neared the top I realized that I had started too late and was at risk of getting caught out after dark without a flashlight. I began to move more quickly, quickly hopping from rock to rock.


Just as I neared the edge of the forest at the top of the slide, I missed a step and fell heavily into the rocks. I cut both hands and banged both legs. My hands seemed to be the worst of it; I got up, finished the slide, and hiked back down through the woods.

Driving home the next day, my left leg started to hurt. I noticed that my shin was very swollen and was shiny, like a huge sausage.

At Rabid’s urging, I spent the rest of the day with rest, elevation, ice, and ibuprofen.

On Monday, my leg started to hurt so I went to the doctor. He said it was fine, just soft tissue damage, and that it would hurt more as the swelling went down. He was right.