June 2009

I’ve had a long week so far. It’s not been totally bad; indeed, given my odd string of bad luck over the past few weeks it’s really been, well, psychologically draining but ultimately positive. I had this idea that I was going to blog about it all this evening but now I find that I can’t. I feel like significant icons of my youth have passed today leaving me in a different place.


– The rarely-used two-year-old Vista machine in my SF room has gone bad.
– My Translink card has gone bad.
– My new Mac has still not shipped. For some reason, I can’t just pick one up at the Apple store.

On the other hand…
– Casio has (after six months) replaced a camera that was stepped on at a fire. For free. And overnighted it to me (well, the the office in Vermont).
– I bought a used bike to commute with in SF. Yesterday I rode 1.1 miles to the ferry, then one mile to the office, then eleven miles back across the Golden Gate, Presidio, GG Park, Panhandle, Haight. Two things I have discovered about biking in SF; 1) the wind is always against you, 2) SF has more uphill than downhill. Not sure how that works, but it sure seems to be the case.
– My iPhone developer program details have been straightened out.

Remind me to never, ever, ever fly American Airlines again.

… I’d have no luck at all.

I guess I’m having a run of bad luck. But maybe it’s good luck in disguise.

You don’t want to know. It’s a long, sad litany.

The good parts, I guess;

– I won’t be getting my new MacBook Pro back, but Apple will be replacing it with the new WWDC model.
– I had no points so my 50 in a 35 (was distracted) will only cost $140.
– My iPhone 3G S (courtesy of DTG) will, in fact, arrive on the 19th.
– I have been accepted into the iPhone developer program even if my account appears to be so misconfigured that I can’t access any of the program resources.
– My camera that died on its own yesterday is unarguably under warranty.
– Rather than being stuck in Boston, I was still in Lebanon when my flight was horribly delayed ’til tomorrow and so get to spend tonight at home rather than in an airport.