– The rarely-used two-year-old Vista machine in my SF room has gone bad.
– My Translink card has gone bad.
– My new Mac has still not shipped. For some reason, I can’t just pick one up at the Apple store.

On the other hand…
– Casio has (after six months) replaced a camera that was stepped on at a fire. For free. And overnighted it to me (well, the the office in Vermont).
– I bought a used bike to commute with in SF. Yesterday I rode 1.1 miles to the ferry, then one mile to the office, then eleven miles back across the Golden Gate, Presidio, GG Park, Panhandle, Haight. Two things I have discovered about biking in SF; 1) the wind is always against you, 2) SF has more uphill than downhill. Not sure how that works, but it sure seems to be the case.
– My iPhone developer program details have been straightened out.