July 2009

Last week, the car reached 200,000 miles.


This week, the left rear wheel stopped turning. They came and dragged the car onto a flatbed this morning. It will be getting new brake rotors.

We got the car in December 2000; I think it had three miles on the odometer when I picked it up. We have driven it an average of 1,923 miles each month since then.



The person on the left is my dad.  He is pictured with a friend on the front step of his house in Pocomoke City, Maryland.  The friend went on to be successful in entertainment.  There is no way that anyone outside of my family will ever guess who it is.  No way.

I’d rather not have paid thousands of dollars to have someone dig a hole in my yard, pour rocks in, and fill the hole in again, but so be it. It’s certainly nice to have the potty working again.


The good part was that the septic started backing up on Sunday, just as Rabid and the ‘springs were leaving for Cub Scout camp. The septic was totally out of service until Wednesday, when I had the tank pumped. It would have been rough if everyone had been home. I was able to use the potty at the office.

Rabid and company return home tonight and will find everything in good working order other than the new dirt patch in the back yard.

Last night I taught a three hour class on ambulance operations and mass casualty incidents to an EMT-Basic class.

I was pretty well prepared, all in all. My final preparation was interrupted by an actual EMS call but luckily I had been looking at the material all week so I was pretty well set.

I brought candy and passed it around halfway through the first section (before the break) and again halfway through the second part of the class. The regular instructor seemed somewhat annoyed; I’ve raised the bar.

At the end of the class, the students applauded. I was told subsequently that I was one of only two instructors who had been applauded… Out of 28 class periods.

I had some other excellent feedback. One student told me that I should teach regularly, not just a class here and there. Several people told me that I was very thorough and that they appreciated the other practical advice that I incorporated into the material.

I forgot where I put my blog, but now I’ve found it.