Last night I taught a three hour class on ambulance operations and mass casualty incidents to an EMT-Basic class.

I was pretty well prepared, all in all. My final preparation was interrupted by an actual EMS call but luckily I had been looking at the material all week so I was pretty well set.

I brought candy and passed it around halfway through the first section (before the break) and again halfway through the second part of the class. The regular instructor seemed somewhat annoyed; I’ve raised the bar.

At the end of the class, the students applauded. I was told subsequently that I was one of only two instructors who had been applauded… Out of 28 class periods.

I had some other excellent feedback. One student told me that I should teach regularly, not just a class here and there. Several people told me that I was very thorough and that they appreciated the other practical advice that I incorporated into the material.