Sorry, I fell asleep.

Facebook is the devil and the sapper of real blog entries.

Three months on, I come up with three sentences.


A friend of mine is considering upgrading to a DSLR.  My opinion is that a point and shoot is just fine, especially when it makes the difference between getting the shot or not.  To illustrate my point, here are a number of my favorite photos.  All of these were shot with Casio Exilm cameras; 6 or 10 megapixels.  Not that I wouldn’t love to have a DSLR but I wouldn’t have it in my pocket when I wanted to take a picture.

At a housefire in Weathersfield, Vermont.  This photo was shot after my camera was dropped in the mud and stepped on; try that with your DSLR.  (EX-Z300, 10 MP)


Ski Condo Fire, Brownsville, Vermont (EX-S600, 6 MP)


Norfolk Beach, Virginia (EX-S600, 6 MP)


Burning Man 2007 (EX-Z1080, 10 MB, no flash, of course)


Scott the DJ (EX-Z1080, 10 MP)

The Boot Trick (EX-Z300, 10 MP)

DHART Lands at Mount Ascutney Hospital (EX-S600, 6 MP)

Mount Washington, New Hampshire (EX-S600, 6 MP)

MUNI Metro, San Francisco, California (EX-Z1080, 10 MP)

Undersea Voyage (EX-S600, 10 MP)

More at

I forgot where I put my blog, but now I’ve found it.

It didn’t work out over at the other place, so I’ll be posting here again.

Sorry for the fire drill.

O1 and I took out the toboggan yesterday. That sled gets going fast.

I missed another day.

Yesterday, I was at the FD until about 6:20 pm.  I got up at 04:15 for a tractor trailer fire at a local shipping depot.  The workers had put out the fire by the time we arrived.  About an hour later, I went on a call for extreme back pain; by the time I got back from that, there was no point in sleeping.  The sleep I did get before 04:20 was fitful and broken.

I got home and hung out with the family, then packed.  I was in bed by nine, and, after another period of restless sleep, got up at 02:15 to finish packing and drive to the airport.

Here I am, once again, in San Francisco.

I don’t really have a great deal to say right now.  I am in the process of installing the existing LJ tech stack and a number of new extensions onto a new machine…  Well, virtul machine.

I’ve been working mainly in Java of late…  I like Java.  Also learning about a bunch of new things…  Various middleware things, primarily.  Can’t really say too much about it.

No interesting calls lately.  I’m at the FD, though, so that could change momentarily.

Missed a day…  And only on day six. Sheesh.

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