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Filth in San Francisco
October 24, 2009


Last weekend, O1 and I attended our council’s fall camporee. This was our first campout with our new Boy Scout troop.

It rained almost non-stop.

Cub Scouts and siblings were also invited; O2 and Rabid came on Saturday.

Although there are three local troops, we ended up in this troop through luck; the brother of a friend of O1’s was in this troop. I realized quite early on Saturday morning that we had joined the right troop when I noticed that the leaders were grinding coffee beans.

Everybody had a good time and the rain didn’t interfere too much.


Rooster Comb Trail, Adirondacks

The landlord at my place in SF has instituted a lease and come up with a list of new rules. Rule number one is the best one.


Just to be obnoxious, I affixed the list of rules to the back of the door. Click for the legible version.


Many people have been concerned about Naked Baby for the past few years. In the interests of quelling this groundswell of discontent, I hve decided to divulge Naked Baby’s whereabouts; Naked Baby is in San Francisco. In fact, here are few pictures of Naked Baby in his current home city and environs.


Here is Naked Baby on Market Street, waiting for the ‘F’ car.


Here he is at the Civic Center plaza.


Here he is downtown.


Naked Baby and Adam went to dinner in the Mission.


Naked Baby at the Larkspur ferry terminal.

Last week, the car reached 200,000 miles.


This week, the left rear wheel stopped turning. They came and dragged the car onto a flatbed this morning. It will be getting new brake rotors.

We got the car in December 2000; I think it had three miles on the odometer when I picked it up. We have driven it an average of 1,923 miles each month since then.

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