The patient had tried to commit suicide; at least tried to appear to have tried. She claimed to have taken a handful of several different types of drugs including some powerful opiates some time before we had been called. Her story didn’t add up, though; she was not as out of it as she would have been if her story was accurate.

Still, she claimed to be suicidal; the police reported that her husband had wrestled a pistol away from her earlier in the evening after she threatened to use it on herself.

We delivered her to the hospital. The nurse asked a few questions.

“You have some family here… Is there anyone that you don’t want to see?”

“My children… I don’t want them to see me like this.”

I was instantly irate. She tried to try to commit suicide but, now that she failed, doesn’t want her kids to see her in the hospital?

On the way out, I saw her family; two tearful teenagers and a tearful husband. I felt really sad for them.

I just don’t understand people.